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What is Coaching?


When you partner with a coach, you do so in a safe environment that is free of judgement and is confidential.  Coaching is all about you; your goals and aspirations.

A coach is an advocate, a sounding board, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, a truth teller, and a supporter. (Ref: ICA CPC Program FC101.)


  • Coaching is a partnership that helps you shape your vision and goals, define your priorities, and empowers and encourages you in mapping your course and charting your way through the seas.

  • Its all about YOU the unique individual that you are. 

  • Its about actively listening to YOU, helping you stay focused and on track. 

  • And yes, also self discovery that allows you to develop and discover who you are, your dreams and aspirations.


There are two different types of coaching: non-directive and directive. 

My style primarily consists of non-directive coaching as I believe that with the right coaching program, the right questions and the right awareness, the answers lie within you. 

I believe that you are a creative, resourceful individual who can find their own solutions and indeed, it is more rewarding to discover your own solutions; this in itself is a journey!  However, dependable on the type of coaching (i.e. career, life or business), a blend of directive and non-directive may be used.

"Tara did a superb job of helping me to identify what things I want to focus on and achieve in my life at this moment. During the exchanges it is clear that she believes her client already has the answers and knows what is best as the next step to take. Tara is very adept at drawing out the client's own wisdom." Stephanie Reed, France


What Coaching Isn't:

  • Coaching isn't therapy, counselling, mentoring or training. Coaching focuses on your strengths and supports you in moving forward and achieving your goals and dreams.


Do you want to be challenged?  Get out of your comfort zone?  Have thought-provoking questions thrown at you?  Do you want to stretch yourself?  Do you want to reach out and touch the stars?

If you want to be challenged, then take the first step by registering for some free coaching.


Do you want to know: What are the benefits of coaching?

How does coaching work?

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What is Coaching?

When you partner with a coach, you do so in a safe environment that is free of judgement.  Coaching is all about you; your goals and aspirations  ... More  


Benefits of Coaching

When you enlist the support of a Coach, prepare to be challenged, to grow as a person, and to discover new possibilities ... More


Tara West is co-author in Living an Abundant Life. Other authors include inspirations such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.
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