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Life Coaching


  • Are you seeking work / life balance?
  • Want to get out of a rut but not sure where to start or where your life journey is heading?
  • Do you have a burning desire to find your passion,  live a meaningful life and harness the power within you?
  • Are you seeking your life purpose? 
  • Coming up to retirement and wish to fulfil a long-life dream?
  • Do you seek to write a novel, biography, memoirs or other works?  Need a creative coach and accountability partner to get your book into the bookstore?
  • Want to reinvent yourself?  Get off (or on!) the treadmill and create the life you always wanted - with FUN!
  • Going through a personal transition, such as divorce, major move into a new career or country, and would love some assistance in creating your new roadmap and a support structure?


If you answered YES to any of the above, consider the possibility of a coaching partnership to explore, discover, reflect, take action and transform your life to get the results you want.  There are new doors that are just waiting to open if you take the step and walk through it

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Life Coaching Packages:

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What is Coaching?

When you partner with a coach, you do so in a safe environment that is free of judgement.  Coaching is all about you; your goals and aspirations  ... More  


Benefits of Coaching

When you enlist the support of a Coach, prepare to be challenged, to grow as a person, and to discover new possibilities ... More


Tara West is co-author in Living an Abundant Life. Other authors include inspirations such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.
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