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How Coaching Works


I coach you over the telephone / Skype / email.  (What is Skype?  Click here.) 

Coaching by phone is widely accepted and you will notice that almost all coaches conduct their coaching via this method (in fact, a vast majority of coaches exclusively coach via telephone due to the results clients achieve with telephone coaching).

When you receive coaching via telephone, you are more focused on what is being said and it allows you to be fully aware and present in that session with less distractions.  It presents you with the opportunity of being coached anywhere, anytime - if you're on holiday or on a business trip, you can call in for your coaching!

Email coaching gives you the opportunity of a quick response and is also used as a support tool in-between coaching sessions.

Skype is preferred for all phone calls.  Skype is available FREE of charge and you can call anyone for free who also uses Skype.  Download Skype for free.  You can find my Skype details on the contact page.

For clients based in Australia: Skype is the preferred method for contact, however, if you don't have Skype then I CALL YOU and I bear all the telephone costs, provided it is a landline.  If you only have access to a mobile you will call me.

For clients outside of Australia: Skype is the preferred method for contact, however, if you don't have Skype then you call me at your designated time.

Your regular coaching sessions / times are established at the beginning of our coaching agreement.


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What is Coaching?

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