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Career Coaching


  • Are you unsure what direction you want to take with your career?
  • Do you need to give your career a boost?
  • Have you set yourself a career goal but you're not sure how to achieve it?
  • Need to feel more confident in interviews or other situations that require you to influence and negotiate outcomes?
  • Looking to move into a career retirement plan?
  • Looking to transition OUT OF retirement and back into the workforce?
  • Do you yearn to step out on your entrepreneurial path but not sure which path to take?
  • Not sure what you want to be when you grow up?


If you answered YES to any of the above, consider the possibility of a coaching partnership to accelerate your career.  There are new doors that are just waiting to open if you take the step and walk through it.


So what do Career Coaches do?

Career coaching is an interactive process of exploring work-related issues – leading to effective action – in which the coach acts as both a catalyst and facilitator of individual and, in turn, organizational development and transformation. 

Career coaches connect people with their passion, purpose, values and other critical aspects of their ideal work. 

They help their clients learn to manage their own careers – whether they work for themselves or for an organization. 

This empowers the client as they face the typical 5-10 career changes in their life, so that they can continue to grow personally and professionally through their work. 

They also facilitate the client’s process of developing and implementing a job search or business start-up plan to activate the client’s Authentic Vocation™. 


Career Coaches:

  • Connect people with a deeper level of motivation than “just a job;” clients discover their passion and purpose to guide their decisions, empowering them to choose work they love, make a good living and still have a balanced life

  • Distinguish themselves from career counselors and consultants by building capability in the individual client and getting results in real time, which leads to creating proficiencies, not just the ability to overcome deficiencies 

  • Probe for openings that lead to long-term developmental opportunities rather than providing just a “quick fix”

  • Create effective coaching interactions by listening, providing feedback, asking powerful questions, and modeling

  • Remove blocks to career progress, including such developmental needs as communication, interpersonal skills, lack of clarity, limiting beliefs, incomplete awareness of marketable skills, lack of purpose and more

  • Improve clients’ ability to market and sell themselves in the job market regardless of economic conditions

  • Increase individual potential for career growth and future earning power

  • Assist clients in becoming “career self-reliant,” taking control and ownership of their own career development

  • Enhance their clients’ job satisfaction through the discovery of their Authentic Vocation™


What Do Internal Career Coaches Do (Inside Their Organizations)?

  • Increase the client’s awareness of career paths and enhance fit to achieve “right person/right job”

  • Improve the capability of both individual and organization to manage constant change and transition

  • Provide and model communication styles that enhance internal problem-solving skills, appreciate differences, and lead to long-term progress, rather than creating dependency on the coach

  • Promote a win-win balance of work/life priorities, using the desired states of both individual and organization as benchmarks

  • Guide organizational systems to evolve their culture by increasingly valuing their employees, implementing career development as a priority, and retaining human capital

  • Blend training, organizational development, career/ employee development  and coaching at every level in an organization

("What do career coaches do?"  Copyright © 2003-2005 Marcia Bench and Career Coach Institute; Reprinted with Permission)


What is Authentic Vocation?

Have you been feeling restless or discontented in your job? Like something is missing, but you don’t know what? The key may be a whole new approach to career development: Authentic Vocation™.

Authentic Vocation is an approach that is different from other skills-based approaches to identifying your calling or ideal work. Instead, it starts with your life purpose and builds a template for your ideal work from that critical base.

Simply, the elements of Authentic Vocation are these:

1. Life purpose: what is the purpose or mission of your life that must be expressed through your work?

2. Values: what values must be expressed in your work for optimal satisfaction?

3. Motivators: what motivates you to do your best?

4. Skills: what skills do you have that you want to continue using?

5. Experience: what experience can you leverage in your next position?

6. Desired Job/Career: what job titles and/or industries would suit your goals?

7. Environment: what location, culture, and other factors would be critical in your work environment?

8. Business Reality: Is your target financially viable? Can you make a living at it? If not, what needs to be adjusted so you can?

The first 7 elements are the template and must be filtered through the 8th element to have a true Authentic Vocation.

If you are seeking greater fulfillment at a job that also meets your financial needs and allows you to “have a life,” then Authentic Vocation coaching may be for you.

("What is Authentic Vocation?"  Copyright © 2003-2005 Marcia Bench and Career Coach Institute; Reprinted with Permission)


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Career Coaching Packages:

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