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Benefits of Coaching


When you enlist the support of a Coach, prepare to be challenged, to grow as a person, and to discover new possibilities.


She allowed me to lead the sessions and discuss my needs. I found that Tara had a good way of getting me to achieve things, sometimes even without me planning on doing it before the sessions. Her warm nature really comes over well. Her questions and challenges always seemed to be on the right track.

It felt very comfortable and easy to open up to Tara. She is very natural and didn’t want to give me any challenges that I was not completely comfortable with, and when I was given a challenge I felt confident enough to push myself.

- Julie, Melbourne, Australia


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The benefits you receive via coaching are highly personalised and unique to your own particular circumstance or the goal you have set for yourself. 

How will you know if you are receiving any benefits out of coaching?

It will be reflected in your new attitude, the results you will be achieving, the way you feel about the coaching partnership, and whether you feel you are getting value for money. 

I could go on forever about all of the positives you will receive, but it truly does come back to "what lights you up?"

When coaching my clients I utilise coaching models, tools and resources.  I particularly admire the Co-Active Coaching Model and I have also designed my Partner Model which was assessed by the International Coach Academy as "clear and visually appealing utilizing the ICA tools in an effective and powerful way... I have no doubt you will be of service to [your clients] in a very significant way" Merci Miglino, ICA Instructor. www.mercimiglino.com


Your coaching session is your agenda; I am always willing to just "dance in the moment" and partner you in your journey, using creativity and a variety of tools. I am not confined or rigid in my approach, and in fact, welcome a fluid coaching session.




Preparation and Discovery: Discover your values, wants and needs – what matters to you and what motivates you both in your personal and work life.

Action: Create your roadmap based on your wants and needs and gain the resources to take action.

Reflection and Insight: Connect with your inner self, centre your soul, and recognise the simplicity in life that governs our Universe. Acknowledge the special person you are.

Transformation: Based on your insights, the path you have set for yourself, and the journey you have embarked upon.

New Possibilities: Excitement about where you are and where you have come from – endless possibilities abound because you think and dream, therefore you can.

Empowering Energy: Tap into the energy flowing through you that gives you vitality and a source of strength.

Results: Reflect and celebrate on everything you have accomplished and everything you will continue to achieve.


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What is Coaching?

When you partner with a coach, you do so in a safe environment that is free of judgement.  Coaching is all about you; your goals and aspirations  ... More  


Benefits of Coaching

When you enlist the support of a Coach, prepare to be challenged, to grow as a person, and to discover new possibilities ... More


Tara West is co-author in Living an Abundant Life. Other authors include inspirations such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.
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